Standing Stones Bali

Standing Stones Bali is one of interesting restaurant that you can try while you having vacation in Bali. This restaurant offers you with the good food, view, place. You will never regret it to have a visit to this place. Let’s see our review about this place 

Standing Stones Bali is a restaurant that offers a semi-alfresco gourmet, an ocean view, even they offer a asian food like seafood. It is nice right?  you can see a beautiful ocean while you are enjoy your lunch or dinner. Indonesia is a tropical country. When you come to Indonesia. You always just feel hot. haha. But, you can still feel a nice air in this island.

Standing Stones View
See a beautiful view while eat your meal

This restaurant have two part menu. They have the lunch and dinner one. We come there when is lunch time. So, what we order ?

We order the “Classic Cheese Burger” the inside of the burger is Australian beef patty with tomato jam, caramelized onions and a fried egg served with homemade French Fries. The price of this food is Rp90.000 (around 225NT), the other one we order “Standing Stones Club Sandwich” this sandwich is Baguette filled with chicken and bacon, fried egg, avocado and bacon, served with Caesar salad and homemade French Fries. The price of this food is also Rp90.000 (around 225NT).

Classic Cheese Burger (left) & Standing Stones Club Sandwich (right)

We also order another snack is like a fried squid. However, we are sorry. We forget the name of it.

Fried Squid

While you are in Bali, or having plan having vacation to Bali. This place is worth it to try 🙂 You not only can get a good foods, But also the view. This place is really a good place for you to relax and enjoy your day. Hope that we can come to stand stone again to try the dinner one. We want to try the lobster that they offer in dinner time. Btw, you can see the menu of this place on their website. We will provide their website menu in the below 🙂

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Info place :
Standing Stones Bali
Jln. Pantai Purnama (Purnama Beach) Sukawati Gianyar, Bali.
0851-0815-5566 / +62 361 849 3706
Price Range : $$-$$$

Menu :


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