Taipei tasty is a food blog that we create based on how we love to travel and eat in some new place, taste a lot of kind of foods, capture the art of food. We feel it is a happy, joy and great feelling.

So, we decided to make “TAIPEI TASTY”

“Angel Kurniawi Chandra”

blogger, photography, musiciansangel


She is still young but Angel is a talented girl,

an A-W-E-S-O-M-E photography, pianist, and singer. How she take a picture, playing piano and singing are described what her passion is. She already persuing her passion since she was child until now.

Ice cream can help her to reduce her mood. When her mood is down, she choose to eat ice cream to make her happy again. Thats why she believe foods can help her to be happy

“Cindy Intan Wijaya”

Cindyblogger, travelling


Melancholic girl is the way to describe her.

She loves to capture every moment. Her curiosity is help her to try something new. She always happy to travelling around to see a new places and feel a nice air. Nature is one of her favorite place.

Everywhere Cindy go she will search what is the famous foods there. She believe that foods can take her to many good places.


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